After Market Parts

Okay guys, I'm a bit confused. Now that I have a new bike I'm looking to dress it up/ protect / performance /a bit with some aftermarket parts but I don't always find listings for the WR but they will for the YZ. Will the Works Connection Aluminum Frame Guards for a YZ426 fit a WR? Will an FMF Power Core 4 - Q Series for a YZ fit a WR? I'm thinking they will but don't find listing specifically for the WR.

i emailed works connection about frame gaurds....they said they havent gotten hold of a bike yet to work on....but somebody in here said the yz450 ones fit.

I have the same bike as you and got my aluminum frame guards and enduro skid plate from the dealer. It's the GYT-R factory stuff, the fit and quality were exellent. The guards were $50-60 and the skid plate was $90. As far as I have read on this sight, the WR and YZ mufflers are interchangeable with a bolt and/or spacer at the rear mount.

I just finished putting on the frame guards. They are the yz 450 ones and they fit great. I thought I also ordered the radiator cages, and only the braces came. I had to return the braces to Works Connection. I heard that devol racing makes the full cages?

Try Flatland for radiator protectors. They're as good as any I've seen.

Will the Flatland ones fit? I have a set for my 426 and have not tried to put them on the 450 yet. I have a sneeking suspicion that the Radiators are the same. I hope! ---Mike

flatlands will not fit i e-mailed them about it already.

I talked with them last week they did not know yet. That is a bummer -----Mike

I ordered the Devol Frame guards and Radiator guards yesterday. They told me they have a WR and the frame guards fit both. I did not ask them about the Radiator, but I don't think they are interchangeable, because I believe the WR radiators are a little wider (someone correct me if I'm wrong on that?). The radiator guards are delayed about one week though.

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