yfz450 head on yz450f

will a 04 yfz450 stock head fit a 03 yz450f cylinder and lower unit are they compatable with each other

Yes, it will fit and work fine. There were some very minor changes to the head for the '04 model year, but the quad and the bike used the same head.

are the cams different in any way im having a problem kick starting my bike pull start it it runs good is there anything i can do

The exhaust cams are completely different. The quad engine has far less power than the YZ did.

my uncle put a stock yfz head on my bike were having trouble starting it we up the pilot jet checked the valves cleaned the carb put nlew plug in somtimes it will start sometimes it wont we ran out of ideas fire everytime if you pull start it checked timing it also kicks extremely hard to what it use to we put new crank and piston in it also if that changes any thing

If it's hard to kick, the exhaust cam is probably too far advanced.

thank you we'll check that

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