tail light wiring

hi all ive just fitted a led rear light to my 05 wr but i can get both light and brake light to work?

anyone know what colour wirse go where?:thumbsup:

thanks again

It sounds like the ground is not connected. let's see, my o5 running light hot lead is blue and the ground is black. The hot lead from the pressure switch for brake is yellow(well, mines yellow).

I would check for continuity with your meter at the ground and at the engine to see if you have a good ground.

by hot you mean live and ground earth? uk lol

by hot you mean live and ground earth? uk lol

:p yep. I hope you got it working, too cold to ride in my part of the world.:thumbsup:

Remember on LED to run them on the DC side and not AC. AC will work, but the lights will not be bright.

thanks for the imfo guys im all sorted cheers

Lighting on the WR is on the AC side. DC is for the starter. Without an upgrade the stator puts out just enough amps to charge the battery.

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