# Plate In Place Of Light ?

I have a 01 WR 426F and I am replacing the headlight with a number plate. I know that I can't have the odometer on with the plate because there isn't enough room. I have seen in the forums before about a part or something to plug the hole when the odometer is taken off. Please help me out, my first race is this Sunday! :)

Go to the local hardware store and buy a rubber cap and put it over the hole. Should cost you all of 25cents.

Why can't you use the stock assembly? Is the plate area not big enough?

Do you know if the cap is metric or std and what size is it, if you know off hand so I don't have to take the whole thing in the store. There is not enough room for the odometer behing the number plate r1superstar.

No..............What I'm asking is why can't you use the stock assembly? Unless you just want to get rid of the light altogether, then I understand.

I have no idea what the size is, I just bought a few different size and put the one on that fit the best. The rubber caps only cost a few cents each.

You can't use a YZ number plate and still have the odo on. you could also buy a YZ spacer, but that cost much more money than the cap would.

I just went ahead and bought a rubber cap for now and put a hose clamp around it so I can race this weekend. Later on I will try to find a steel cap or something. I just wanted to get rid of the light because I never ride at night.

I did a few mods to a YZ number plate and it fits fine. I had to put a spacer and a long bolt to hold the top on and I shaved down the pegs at the bottom so it would fit in the bottom. I works ok and looks good too!

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