New jetting = New problem

01 WR 426. YZ exhaust, OBELN #3, #48 Pilot, 100 PAJ, 168 main, screw 1 turn out. Problem is hesitation at 1/4 or 1/3 throttle. Elevation 0 to 8000'. Any suggestions appreciated. Mike

If opening your PFS more than 1 turn makes it worse, try a smaller PFJ or position #2 on your needle.

Your clip position is good, but pull your mj back to a 162 with a 200 maj your low speed circut sounds all wrong, have you tried a 75 paj with a 40 pilot??

Here is what I'm running:

45PJ (42 was stock), 75PAJ, Stock needle #4 position, 168 MJ (165 was stock), 200 MAJ, PS 1-3/4 (2-1/8 was stock). I am also running a hotter spark plug. Your PAJ seems too small, your PJ seems too big.

My 02' WR 426FP has the gray wire mod, baffle out, and lid removed. I ride anywhere from 4300 ft. to 8000 ft.

Bike runs pretty damn good, but I am going to try a different needle soon.

drop the needle once

then try dropping it again

possibly try a third and if you've gone too far-put .5mm washer under the needle clip and if that doesn't work then pop the needle up one.

note i don't mention the clip: JUST NEEDLE


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