Can I put a YZ400F motor in my 250F frame?

Ok, I may be buying a YZ400F motor with all the other related engine items. The idea is to use this motor in my wifes street bike -- basically a GP style racer.

But, it may more more sense for me to put my WR250F motor in her bike and use the 400 in mine.

Will the 400 motor fit the WR250F frame?


you can mount a volkwagon motor in yz250f frame.IF YOU HAVE A BIG ENOUGH HAMMER

seriously,it shouldnt take to much modification to make yz400 motor fit in yz250f.tank,seat and all the plastic,radiators,subframe,forks,tripleclamps,brakes,rims are all might have to fabricate new front motor mounts and modify your can always make sheetmetal airbox.give BBR a call they can tell you exactly what would need to be done

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Here is a picture of the bike I'm putting this engine in. Picture number 4.

It is an Aprilia RS50. 2-stroke 50cc, makes about 6 hp stock. We added a 75cc top end and a ton of other performance goodies, it is fun, but still not fast enough. She is a short woman and we can't find anything else that will fit her. She must have the bodywork and sexy race appeal. The YZ400F motor will absolutely rock in this bike if it doesn't twist the frame into a ball first.


What is your wifes bike?


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