03 WR450 battery problems

hey guys ive got an 03 WR450 just bought it a few months ago... it was working great until around about half way through my 5th ride..no lights no e-start had to kick start all the rest of the day (slightly annoyin due to the fact i changed over bikes to stop kicking it over) so i replaced the voltage regulator because it was over charging the battery and blowing all the globes, got another battery and it was all good... until i left the bike for a week in the shed, went to start it up, and nothing it was dead..

i put it on charger over night and it started great in the morning... when i went to start it 3 days after it was dead once again.. so something is draining the battery and im not sure wat, ive taken the key out aswell so its not that because i found out that leaving the ignition on drains it ever so slightly.. so im a little confused right now:banghead:

has any body had this kind of trouble?? its really annoying seeings as my mate starts his bike up first time every time... he has had the same battery for 3 years.. mine goes dead within a week.. :thumbsup:

any help would be great thanks



i have a 03 also and it will die if i let it sit for over a few weeks the battery will be dead. I usually just have to get it started and let it idel and than just drive it.

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