steering stem bearings

i've had yzf's since 02. since my 05 2 stroke w/ the aluminum frame all i've had is problems keeping water out of the steering stem bearings. i'm up on my maintenance and i have to grease my stem bearings allthe time. anyone know of a better seal or a trick to getting them to seal up better.

The upper bearing has been upgraded to include a built-in seal, which helps in this regard. The same bearing is used in the YZF and the YZ models.

Old number is 93332-00068-00. The new one with the seal is 93332-00078-00. If you buy the part at a dealer, his catalog may still list the 68, but it will change up automatically when he goes to enter the sale in the system. This should also happen if you get it through an online parts house, but you'll want to be certain you end up with the 78.

Other than that, pack the gap between the top seal and the bearing with marine grease for boat trailer wheel bearings, and keep the water pressure away from it when you wash.

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