Going Blue

Not! Geez, after reading the thread on WR450 or VOR450EN I'm sure glad that I decided to go orange! Boy, how many of you guys have even riden a KTM before you start bashing the suspension? I can tell you that the KTM guys don't bad mouth your bikes like you guys do ours! To each his own, live and let live, blah, blah, blah, I say. I loved my last Yamaha road bike, but the quality of components and the details and finish of the KTM is second to none compared to the Japanese production dirt bikes.

Alabama, you should come over to the orange side and I think that you will find a similar enthusiasm for bikes without the defensive posture I see exhibited here. Over there we only argue about oil and stainless steel oil filters, nor whether one of our dirt brotha's bought the right bike or not! Live and ride (and I don't really care what color of bike you guys ride ride, at least I got what I want!). I'd say lighten up blue brotha's! :)

Thankyou for waisting my eyesight with all your informative information, i really appreciate it, thanks buddy.

P.S. I love the finish with a broken swing arm :)

I have rode a 2002 exc a lot. The suspension will never be up with the Yamaha's. It needs the likage to slow the shaft speed. They improve every year, they are not there yet though. There is no bashing. Just facts. When someone gives me a free bike to race then I will be brand loyal. If it has KYB it has workable suspension. It just works better with out haveing to put a ton of cash into it. I do agree that the KTM's are nice bikes. I will not sacrifice performance to be a part of the KTM club. When they make a better bike than the Yamaha I will buy one. If you only new how close to buying a KTM I was. ---Mike


Ditto on that SuperBike! I will say one other thing. I too went to both boards to decide which bike to get. got better comparison answers from the Orange side. The Blue side was mean about even wanting to compare. :) Remember, we have a WR450 because there is competition in bike manufactures. That is one reason I hated to see C-dale go chapter 11. We all lost on that note! :D

Do you remember that old movie: "Poison Ivy" with Michael J Fox. Kids in a summer camp were playing "color war" :)... hummmmm...

Comparing the bikes is necessary but this has to remain logical and useful. If somebody pretends one of the bike is better, well he is just allowed to I'd think.

I think KTM offers nothing yam can't

Durango, I'm sorry you've come to the conclusion that us "blue guys" are bad guys.. Please understand that Alabama has a reputation for "stirring the pot". He has made many comments about bikes he's never seen or ridden and posts many statements about the bikes to people who actually ride them. You'll get that no matter what side of TT you're on. I think he just rubbed some people the wrong way, including myself... I have no bad feelings for any other brand of bike, that's just childish. KTM makes an amazing line of motocycles, even the new Dirtrider agrees along with the worlds best enduro and desert racers, that doesn't mean we all will ride them..

the KTM is second to none compared to the Japanese production dirt bikes.

I hope we can agree to disagree as gentlemen that I don't feel this way at all.. That statement is a popular one made by owners of KTM's.. I see it like Yamaha and Honda are the leaders in off-road technology and reliability. But that shouldn't make you not like me... We have Orange guys on our side constantly tell us to sell our "heaps" and get a real bike, that's to be expected... I have no problems with that....

I'll be in Colorado in August for a big ride, I would love to have you ride my WR450 just for fun. I'm not trying to convert you to the blue side but at least you'de understand why we are so excited about the new bike.

Take care, Dan :)

Ditto on what Dan just said. I would welcome any comparison.

There are several Orange bikes amongst the group I ride with so I have a healthy respect for KTM including owning one in the past. They are a wonderful bike.

I do take issue with a couple of Trolls who hang out just to bash.Please don't expect me to roll out the red carpet for those folks.You may check any other makes forums becuase I don't post there . If I did it would be with total respect.Its not what you say but how you say it. :D

Durango I ride Southern Colo. quite a bit are you involved with the San Juan Trailriders?

Peace out :)

Thanks guys, from the responses I see here I think that you seem like a reasonable bunch of guys too (well, most of you anyway :) ). I don't know much about Alabama except that he seemed to be treated a little harshly here. But then we bashed Barney pretty good on the KTM forum when he appeared to be a troll.

And I'm really not trying to start a KTM vs. Yamaha war either. The WR's are great bikes too, Excel rims and other nice components. My point I was trying to make was that let's not bash each other just because we like different things. Depending on your riding style you may or may not like the KTM suspension, I've had guys ride my bike who thinks that it's magic, but that doesn't mean it would suit you too.

My riding buddy has a Yamaha TTR 250 which he really likes and that certainly is OK with me. I guess I'll go crawl back under my orange rock, didn't mean to offend anyone. Peace my blue brothers! :D

My point I was trying to make was that let's not bash each other just because we like different things

This represents my opinion perfectly. :)

Hey i am new with all this tt stuff but i saw this discussion about the K.t.m. v.s. yamaha junk and i just wanted to say that i just got a 03 yz250f fri. that i have yet to ride this weekend for its debute so i cant say how good it is (yet) but my dad just baugt a ktm 450 mxc and the front fork seal has blown already with like 4 times out. i think the bike is real nice and all but maybe the suspension really isnt up to snuff. Just my thoughts.

yz250f, tag tripple clamps, answer pro tapers, pro-moto sparky.

Have you ever listened to the comb over crowd on the DRZ board. They think we are all red necks with huge mullets.

we dont think your rednecks!mullets yes,but we have no way to see how big they are! :)

Mr. Durango,

I have had the oportunity to ride several KTM's, a 02 520 exc, a 02 400 exc and a 02 300 exc. All bikes felt light and comfortable.

Yes the suspension is softer than the WR on all the KTM's I rode. Yes the power delivery is much much different, (all the KTM guys don't like the power of my WR)(they find it difficult to get used to the engine braking of the wr.)

NO bike is without problems,, my friends 02 400 exc,,,cracked cylinder, took 3 months to get the parts. He borrowed the dealers 400mxc to complete his race season.

I can go on and on,,,bikes are like pick-up trucks, now a day all will do the job. Which one is the better value?

Hey Bam,

Pardon me but, what's a mullet?


Math, Really long in the back and really short on top.

Remember Billy Ray virus ?

Math, Really long in the back and really short on top.

Remember Billy Ray virus ?

I wish someone in our group would buy a KTM. I really want to try one. The problem is they are all buying WR's

Mullet= Buisnes in the front, Party in the rear! Mullet Lovers!

Hey guys, with the lousy soft suspensions on these KTM's, how do you explain this:

Dakar Rally report:

Concerning the bike teams and brands, KTM managed, as expected, an overwhelming rally. The first non-KTM rider, Jun Mitsuhashi (Honda - n.15) finished 16th. The Austrian brand also claimed every single special: 5 for Sainct, 3 for Meoni, 2 for Despres, Sala and Lundmark and 1 for Cox and Roma. Behind the four Gauloises official bikes, Jean De Azevedo (KTM - n.25) claimed an excellent 5th spot as well as the win in the Production category (ahead of Flick) and the Amateur category (ahead of Lundmark and Ullevalseter). The Elf Amateur trophy as well as best newcomer went to Jose Manuel Pellicer (KTM - n.35), 12th overall while the first women was Astrid Pichegrain (KTM - n.157), 92nd.

Or this:

Mike "Junior" Lafferty capped off one of his toughest seasons yet by winning the final AMA National Enduro of the year in Indiana and taking his fifth AMA National Enduro Championship in the process. With the 2002 National Enduro title, Lafferty has won three in a row and five thus far in his young career. Lafferty has had a stellar season, winning four National Enduros overall and placing second twice on his way to the Championship. He also won his first Grand National Cross Country overall in 2002 and finished third in the GNCC title chase. Lafferty's fifth AMA National Enduro Championship makes a total of seven National Enduro titles for KTM.

:) Have a nice day!

P.S. I'm sure that the new WR450F's are going to be great bikes, I think that you will love the electric start as much as I do! :D

I think that a mullet means you look like Barry Melrose on NHL Tonight.

Very instructive!!! :D :D :D.

I had seen that already, just didn't know the expression :)

Thanks to all my english teachers :D :D :D :D

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