Going Blue

I wasn't going to get into this contest, but now you've gone too far....just kidding.

Look here, Mr Durango <grin>:

These bikes are all great. I don't know how long you've been riding, but I've been around long enough to have won more races on a bike with 4" of suspension travel than I have on a bike with 12.5". Rode to school 25 miles uphill both ways in 3 ft of snow in my day.....No snide comments about my age, please. The bikes we are all riding today are light years ahead of what I rode the first 15 years.

What they ride in all the rallies are very special-purpose bikes, and completely different than what you and I ride. It's just not a good measure of what suits the typical off-roader.

Likewise, do you really think Lafferty would not have won his Nat'l Championship on a WR? You haven't seen what he typically does to a difficult enduro course, and to a championship caliber field of riders, have you?

Your bike is awesome. My '00 WR400 is awesome. The new WR450 is awesome, so is the CRF450 from Honda. They all have their achilles heel, many have recurring annoyances and reliability issues. I would even ride a DRZ, for crying out loud. They are really very good with a little attention to setup. I rode with Dan Lorenze and a few of his regular riding buddies. One of his guys smoked all of us on his DRZ. And you know what? It was the rider, not the bike. Once you get used to them, they're all so good it doesn't really matter much any more. The rider and his setup make all the difference.

So get your butt down here and ride in Ca so we can show you what real men on real motorcycles can do, LOL!


Dan - amen, I couldn't agree with you more. I have never bashed anyone else's ride, I think that you will see that if you just go back and reread this thread (and the other one that I mentioned). I probably would have bought a Yamaha TTR 426 if there were such a thing for the riding that I want to do. And I looked really hard at the Suzuki DRZ 400E before I chose my mount. But I kinda like owning oddball quality machinery (like my 30 year old mechanically fuel injected BMW 2002 tii) and Husqvarna looked a lot like what happened to Bultaco, so I went orange.

And I think that you are absolutely right about guys like Lafferty - they could win on any good bike. But what got me started was the comments about KTM that I was reading that the Yamaha guys think that there is some inherent flaw in the KTM suspension and that is why someone should go blue, why their bikes are better, blah, blah, blah. The guys on the KTM forum do not bash your bikes in any way that I have seen (other than hard to start when hot :)) and I think that is good for all of us to respect each other. I'm no racer, but I have a lot of fun. Anyone who thinks that they are better than me because they are faster doesn't really bother me, I'm probably at least as old as you and I got over that BS a long time ago.

I loved my Bultaco Alpina with the 3" of rear shock travel and 4" of front fork travel, and it wasn't because I could beat you from point A to B. It was because I could ride that bike in first gear slower than you could walk and never put my foot down while I enjoyed the beautiful mountain scenery! All I was suggesting was that you guys should lighten up a little bit and not be so defensive about your choice of what bike you ride by making negative comments in regards to other people's choices, and I think that from your comments you agree with me.

My riding buddy has just as much fun on his TTR 250 as I do on my bike, he's not like me in that he doesn't think that wrenching in the garage is half the fun. He just wants to go out and ride, and I respect that, and he understands why I like my machine. And I don't think that I ever said that there was anything wrong with your guys bikes either, if I did I'm sorry and I just guess that my enthusiasm for the Austrian bikes got the better of me.

Hey I'll tell you what - if I get to southern California I'll challenge you to a volleyball match, I'm a lot better at that than I am a dirt bike rider. But I'll also tell you that I have just as much fun as anyone on my bike, even if I'm not the fastest guy out there. I ride to feel alive, to enjoy the scenery, and to have fun with my friend that I ride with. We are exploring incredible places that we might never see otherwise, and the memories will last a lifetime. Isn't that what it is all about? :D

Dave what are you doing over here stirrin' up the pot? :)

I was cryin' when I read about the 'comb over crowd and rednecks with mullets'. That's funny.

We had a TTalk ride in Moab many moons ago. The best rider of the whole group (damn shure wasn't me) was 'Scarymyth' on a DRZ. Although now that I think about it, I was riding a WR at the time. Maybe it was holding me back....... :D

They're all good scoots.


There are just some guys that have never gotten over what some of us used to do when we were 16....argue about what's the better brand. We did have a guy in here a few weeks ago from the orange side that was trolling for an argument. Can't recall his subject line, but we have a few of those guys over here, too.

If you've ridden all of these bikes as I have, you probably find them all just a little different, but all very good. Fit and finish are a part of it, but certainly not all. There are so many factors that contribute to the overall package of a dirt bike today, it's impossible for any of us to factually say there is one best bike.

Funny thing, though. I could ride just as fast on my old 1981 Husky 430XC as I can on my much newer and more technologically advanced WR. Not that the Husky was ahead of its time or anything. Just the opposite.

I can't recall ever having to fix or replace anything on my '00WR400 that broke by itself. The only parts I have repaired or replaced failed due to a crash or normal wear and tear. Actually, there is one thing. The odo. Oh well, I guess that blows my theory.

The age old argument about how much the rider contributes to how well a bike works is still alive and well. But for my money, I think the rider is over 90%.

My 2 cents. Cheers!


Hi Mike_in_Silicon_valley, I'm really not trying to stir up the pot, just having some fun here with my new found Yamaha friends. :)

These blue bullies insulted my orange mistress, said that they didn't like the look of her legs, so I am defending her honor. And then I implied that their girl friends were homely and unsophisticated, and you know, it just kinda went downhill from there. Don't all you KTM guys jump in at once and help me though, I'm a big guy and I can handle these guys by myself. :D

Hey Dan_from_HB, you live in Hunnington Beach but you don't play volleyball? My twin brother lives in Irvine. I've got an idea, why don't you guys just go over to his house and beat him up instead of me, you'll feel better, and then I'll be off the hook! :D

Most of the comments on KTM suspension I read over here come from guys who've ridden them. How are you going to have an opinion otherwise (AlabamaRider notwithstanding)??

The suspension on the '03 that I rode, particularly the forks, was very good. But I prefer, and am more accustomed to, the feel of a linkage system I guess, esp. over small, choppy hits like braking bumps.

But I think the '03s turn like a Japanese bike, and I think this was a conscious change on KTMs part. Up until that point I thought KTMs handled, well, a little odd.

Not bad, just odd. It felt bad at first, until you realized the bike was going where you pointed it, but I was always a bit surprised that it did. It felt like it was on the verge of swapping (even w/ a damper). Even on longer rides on my friend's 520 EXC I couldn't totally overcome that feeling. But I'm sure if I bought one and rode it regularly this wouldn't be an issue. I also came very close to buying a KTM, they just don't have a bike that suits me, unless I put a six speed in a 450 SX.

I actually came within a whisker of buying an '03 300 MXC ("A two-stroke?? The heresy!! :) " ).

OTOH I just bought a CRF and relative to a KTM it is very similar to my YZF. But whoever doesn't like how KTMs turn or thinks the forks are mush needs to ride an '03. Big difference.

My two cents.

Yeah, Dave.

I'm not a volleyball player. My back won't support it, and I never spent much time at it anyway. I did surf a little when I was in high school, played a little golf, and played soccer in college, but the motorcycle was my passion.

HB is my home of about 31 years, but recent issues in California politics, taxes, business climate, and land use hassles have me thinking of Idaho, Wyoming, Northern Arizona, or Montana. Maybe a few years down the road after the kids are out of college and I'm ready to retire. Then I can ride all the time!


Hey Dave- Yours wouldn't be one of those funny orange bikes that wouldn't start that cold morning in Green River, Utah, a couple of months ago? :D Kidding, I might very well have bought orange myself, but I really like the folks at the local shop. That and I'm too lazy to drive to Farmington.

-My buddy rides a bone stock XR250. I couldn't keep up with him on my CR250, or my XR400. Probably won't be able to on the WR either. :D He says,"once you're up to speed, it doesn't take much horsepower to stay there." I've seen him leave a lot of guys on the latest-n-greatist wondering what just passed them. Sounds like a freakin' popcorn machine. I think he cheats.

-So anyway, Dave, the important question that came out of all this is, are you a member the San Juan Trail Riders? If not you're missing out on some truly excellent rides. Just ask SMD.

-Hey SMD, do I know you?


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