Wanted: Stock exhaust or ideas

I have a Canadian 01 WR426. I realized the stock exhaust doesn't have a spark arrestor. I'm in need of a pipe that does. (tickets from Ranger Bob are expensive up here in Washington , I'm told)

The CAN pipe has a larger opening than the US version. Need some help here. I've ridden this beast several times already this year and don't want to lose any of the fun. Anyone out there know if performance will be lost with a stock US pipe (I'm guessing yes) and if so any ideas on a after market pipe with spark arrestor that will most closely match the CAN stock version (I'm extremely happy with the bike as is).

Cheers, Mojo

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Find an old ATV muffler in the junkyard with the large "KRISMAN SPARK ARRESTOR" plate welded on. Remove it and weld it onto your muffler :)

Seriously, you're options are probably limited, at least cheaply. You could get a US stock pipe (just sold mine to 2-dads,sorry), for around $50-60 (the spark arrestor is internal and can't be removed).

There are many aftermarket pipes with a quite core and spark arrestor, you may see some performance increase, almost surely if you rejet properly. Search on exhausts. All are light as a feather compared to stock.

There's been a lot of talk lately about loud pipes. Let's try to build power without the obnoxious exhausts.

Mojo,I just talked to one of the D.S.S. guys at Y.M.C. and according to him the stock exhaust on the Canadian version WR 426 has a non-removable spark arrestor.I've known those guys to be wrong before,but not too often. It would be worth looking into for sure before you spend money that you don't need to.

Sorry the stock exhaust does not have a spark arrestor and is not forestry legal. Pete Z your boys are wrong...again


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Unfortunately I'm not surprised.

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