Thanks Mr. Bill

It's ready to ride tommorrow.....Unless the wife catches me keeping it in my home office....



Just waiting for my ROOST ZONE Decal from Ben...


We are definately going to have to get together for a weekend of terrain carving....

Thanks again...

Bonzai :)


That rear fender sure is bland. I've got some Roost Zone stickers in the mail to you right not to fill that void.


Hey, no problemo Billsan. I wished I had a digital camera so I could post a pic and let you see how much your buddy bike looks like my dub-R :) Same graphics, handguards, grips, rad guards, stock YZ tank, pipe and those cool fender stickers :D

I have yet to install my Ceet gripper cover and when I do, would you like my old (like new) blue IMS cover for the buddy bike? No charge to a good home.

And yes, we will ride together some day my friend!




That couch looks good enough to sleep on for a night or two while I test pilot that scooter. It's a tough job, but someone's gotta do it.

Always wanted to pay a visit back to Georgia, where I lived as a kid for 3 years.....


BILL - Nope the couch is for KAZE when the wife catches him with the bike in the living room. :)



Man if I even put my helmet in the living room, I'd get cut off for a month....This used to be the garage, now it's my work from home office...Rarely used for that anymore. anyway Robert came over just in time and I got it loaded on his truck before she saw it...He he he....glad she doesn't visit Thumpertalk for sure...

Off to go ride now....Have a great day!

Bonzai :)

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