Winter overhaul O´mine

It winter over hear and a good time to go through the whole bike. So far I have cleaned and repacked with greased all the linkage, swingarm and steering head bearings. Today I started the piston and cam chain replacement. Bike is 08 with 75h on it. First of all, I was kinda surprised to find that one exhaust valve was on a tight side (15 fit, 20 did not) and the right intake valve was too large (25 fit, 30 did not !!!!!!). I shimmed them away and put aside.

Now, I took of the cylinder and it had been worn more then I had expected. Piston seemed to be OK. Here are some pictures:





As you can see, the front and rear of the cylinder has some vertical lines. So I took out my hone and did my first time deglazing:




The out come was not as good as I had expected (again), because I moved the drill too slowly and didn`t get the right angle, but decided to leave it ( I did 4 passes up and down).

Before putting it back together, I also changed the cam chain and replaced the sparkplug with NGK IX one.The cam chain had stretched about 2mm I think and had couple of links that were a bit stiff.

I installed the piston using tungstendisulfide (quickseat) on cylinder walls, rings and piston skirt. Piston is CP 13:1.

Now I need to get a torque wrench to get top end bolts and cam cap bolts tightened. After that, fingers crossed.

Was that a fixed stone hone, or a "bottle brush" (spring ball) type?

Bottle brush type hone with diameter of 4 1/8", grit 240, aluminium-oxide.

good luck man. post some more pics.

im doing the same to my 450

I got my bike finished up today. Too bad it is snowing outside and I couldnt give it a real spin around. Now I only need to get my hands on some tacos. Also, I was doubting the blue graphics on white plastics, but I needed a change and I think it looks OK.

To my own surprise I have more goodies then I ever thought I would end up with: ASV F3 pro levers, MRD exhuast with low-mid design, JD jetting kit installed, 13:1 CP piston and as I said tacos should top it all off real good.






The bike was shooting a flame every now and then when I gave it throttle. It about 40F in my garage and I tried to turn FS to 2 1/2 but it didn´t seemed to help, the pilot jet is 48 so I doubt I needed a bigger jet. I was thinking if it could be related to the red JD needle I installed (5th clip), because insturctions say to use a blue one on temperatures under 50F. I installed the red one because by the time I start riding it is about that. Or could it be because of slightly bigger compression rate, though I am using higher octane fuel, 98 here in Europe.

Blue on white looks good!

real killer!

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