saw the light(new style)

well the old girls gone , It had a fair suck of the sav , ended up buying back with the blue and got myself a new wr450 , get my paws on it next wed or sat depending on the dvla(registration people for our brothers across the water)then its out riding the great british weather where the sun will probably splitting the paveing stones (side walk ) birds on the wing and young maidens waving merrily at me as i ride by in my glory , or more like it will be pissing down and i'll bin first lane i come to as i'm being to scaredy cat as its new, mind you then it will be second hand so it wont matter and i'll get a flat , dont matter though does it you know why because its a new girl.

My old wr450 was the 03 model and i had it from 3 months old and it really was a solid bike which helped me buy another , the throttle stutter was getting on my nerves at the end but you know times change it seems the new version is lighter from wheeling it about and no doubt it if you believe all read it'll be a lot better but i still enjoyed my old bike. I also had 400 prior to this, liked that bike but it needed a button

I use my bike up in wales were it ages them in dog years so lets see how this one copes poke your ktm might have this as a signiture just to wind them up, off to read about tips on 09's see ya tony:banana: :thumbsup:

Good luck with your new bike Im sure your love it !

Holy S*&^, can you translate that into "yank" please?:banana:

Nice job on your purchase, don't forget the fish n' chips to help celebrate...

Holy S*&^, can you translate that into "yank" please?:banana:

OMH, LMAO. No kidding!!! I understood about 25% of that.

I think I got that you are getting a new bike. Have a blast with it. Gotta love a fresh bike!

Im from the uk and i didn't even get it! lol

Would you adam & eve it , this man has Plymouth Argyle, he got his new WR from the lollipop & loves it more than his fork & knife, Maybe if you spoke to him over the percy thrower you would know what he is talking about.

"Translate that" lol

And then stop for a bubble bath.

sorry lads just a bit excited , will try to make my scratchings a bit more readable with less estaury english or cockney slang.

yer right ! just catch up:lol:

Definition: estuary is the part of the thames river (england)which goes out to sea were your most likely to hear this type of venacular.south east england , excluding kent wallers as they are french by default ,are you keeping up my american brothers and sisters.

dont ask about kent

cockney is a sort of slang based on old words and sayings , some times ryhming as is in old style bread knife (wife) to current version which may be a simple description as in look at her jack and danny( fanny means different USA ) ladies front garden :lol: , in her cosi bottoms (costume bottoms)all her old holborn is hanging out she needs an hair cut, (old holborn is loose tobbaco strands . geddit now :banana:

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