Who is in Central Texas??

Anybody here near Austin?? If so, we have a big group going to Milano on Sunday. Let me know if you are interested and I'll save you a guest pass.

I live in San Antonio. Where is this place you are talking about. I just bought my bike last weekend and I'm looking for places to ride.

My Brother lives in Magnolia Does that count


waiting for my daugter to get back from camp, bus is due at 11pm and I ogad why am I even talking


Wow, another Texan and in Austin to boot. Didn't think there were many blue riders around these parts.

Sorry to miss the weekend trip to Milano, I am a new member to both the AMSA and Milano and have been out of town most weekends this summer. I am definitely interested in hooking up with some folks who know their way around out there - send me a pm and we can try to hook up for the next trip.

well i miss that trip, but i'll love to go any where.

I live in Laredo.

I dont know where is milano... can u explain, do i need a big tank? how many hours? what about water? gas? food?

Milano is the private lease for the Austin Moto-Sports Assc. (AMSA)


It's about 60 miles northeast of Austin.

It is a member's only lease. You have to be a member of the AMSA to join.1000 acres of mostly tight woods and sand.

It is sad but true, there is are very few places to ride here, other than private property.

You guys out west should keep the fight going to keep puplic land open.I'll do all I can do here in Texas.

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I'm from SA as well, wife is starting dental school this week but the next 4 yrs are open.. would love to check out new areas to ride..

The DBSA(Dirt Bike Club of SA) Has a nice lease out at Zars Ranch in Floresville.

CycleRanch is a National Caliper MX track. The AMA Four-Stroke Nationals are coming the in August.That will be a must-see.

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I would love to tag along sometime.. I might get ribbed for riding a fuel injected American made bike though... I hope I can hang.

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