Spark Plugs

Hey guys I have a 2007 RMZ-250. I've got about 65 hours on the bike and 20 since a new top end was put in. I need a spark plug for it (the current plug came with the bike) and according to the ngk website as well as every dealer i've talked to the plug (ngk ir CR8EIA 10) doesn't exist. That doesn't make sense to me since I have the plug in my bike now. Anyone have this problem and know where to get a new plug? Also the bike seems to run rich in the cold or something. It smokes quite a bit during warm up but as soon as i get into a hard moto the problem goes away. Maybe my slow jet or fuel screw is off? I don't put gas in it that is more than a week old, anything less than 91 octane, and the bike only smokes in the cold.

Did you look up your bike on the NGK website?

It says RM250 uses a BR8EG or BR8EIX

09482-00597 original suz part number , if you have to order it


I had the same problem not 3 weeks agao. It was the valve guides (exhaust in my case). However, in your case it could be the oil seals on the valves, the guides, the valves themselfs (maybe need to be lapped?), or the rings. Theres only so many spots oil can leak in, which causes white smoke when cold. If you take the head off and go get new guides, do yourself a favor and get some new rings and put them in while your into the engine that far, it's literally like 20 more minutes worth of work.

From what you described, I wouldn't think its a jetting or mixing problem, probably early signs of wear. Before you do anything to the engine on my behalf, please buy a new spark plug for rich/lean testing. If your jettings right, I'd go for the valves (lap, oil seals, guides) and the rings.

Good luck.

you can use a CR8EIX too...

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