Should I get a new bike or a Auto Clutch????

My 01' has been bulletproof and still runs great. There have been a couple of times that I had wished for electric start.(stalled in the bottom a deep ravine)or on the side of a hill.

My bike starts first or second kick, hot or cold. Has more power than I can ever use.I have never had a problem with it. It is set up perfectly to suit my needs.

Instead of a new bike, I'm thinking about an auto clutch,RevLoc,EFM, etc.

I think it would better and mutch cheaper than a new bike.

Why would you need electric start if you bike never stalls?

I feel your pain. Lived with a 98' WR400 for four years and an 02' WR426 for one year. Stalling was the biggest fear. I have spoken with the Revloc people here in Colorado personally, and also with owners of Revloc and the unit is not without fault. You can stall a bike with a Revloc clutch -really. However it usually happens when selecting too high a gear to tractor over rocks and such. Also, the unit has some oddities. For one, at high RPM cruising you cannot pull the clutch in - you have to chop the throttle to drop the revs. Centrifugal force in the clutch basket (the principle behind Revloc) at high RPMS is stronger than your left hand. Otherwise it's like my daughters PW90, click in a gear and go. Revloc is now testing the 03' YZ450 setup and when finished I'll install one on my 03' WR450. Wow, auto clutch with electric starting - those bad dreams on my 98' WR400 are fading away. Hello Moab !

I think the Auto Clutch makes sense. The price seems high, but if it makes the bike nearly stall-proof, it may be worth it.

I like the ability to mount the rear brake on the handlebar. Would make wheelies super easy to control. Plus in the tight stuff brake-slide turns would be easier to control. I can't think of many negatives, other than price.

The new clutch would be cheaper than a new bike.

I like the idea of the rear brake on the handlebar. Has that been done? Where would you get the brake line and master cylinder? Could you keep the pedal as well??

It would take some getting used to, but I think it would be awesome.

Ditto on the rear handlebar brake lever, piston and hose, RevLoc sells them for $$$$. Too often the downhill angle is so steep I can hardly angle my foot to use the rear brake pedal. However, while the RevLoc allows clutchless shifting thanks to constant-mesh transmissions, the fork actuators in the transmission overtime will round off. This condition, if worn enough, will lead to the bike missing shifts and "popping" out of gear. The answer to that objection from RevLoc is "put the bike in 2nd or 3rd gear and leave it there, let the autoclutch take the abuse". Hmmm, maybe so. Another oddity is making sure the RevLoc bike is in nuetral when shutting off the bike on the trail for a short time. While this may not be such an issue with a kick-start only bike, think of the surprise when you e-start your RevLoc 03'WR450 in 1rst gear !

Just think of the theft repellent. The thief-weezel jumps on your bike and tries to get it to move, all while squeezing the brake. :)

I have an EFM and love it.

If (big if) I were in your is another TT'r view on your situation......

1. Bike you have now you love, set up for you, it rocks, reliable and makes you smile (True???)

2. with a new bike, while it is new and all that aaaahhhh that comes with a new ride, it: aint broke in, aint set up for me (bars, skid plate all other dooo dads) and with the estart you can still stall it, without the clutch.

Me?...check the parts manual and see if the 450 clutch = 426 clutch.

If so....get a auto clutch (EFM for example) mount it on your current trusty well setup etc steed and love it. In another year + then take the clutch out and put it on your new WR....and yes...with my dale, once I hit that happy button, the ONLY time the motor stops is when I do it with the kill switch.

Even during a crash, the bike just lays there and idles laughin at you, pick it up WITHOUT your hand on the clutch lever and the motor continues to run....personal repeated experiance here!!! :D

me....for the $600....and everything else you are saying about your current ride...

get the clutch.

But then...thats just some old farts opinion....that when added to $1.25 you can get a large soda somewhere! :D



Did my first ride with my new Revloc (99 WR400) at Rampart this weekend.....took a little getting used to, not pulling the clutch to shift or to stop. The clutch seemed to work fine, it takes a couple of hundred RPM's above idle to set you in motion and it's wierd coming to stop and not having to pull the clutch in. I bought the clutch for the very reason you're contemplating....$1000 for a clutch or $6500 for a button. I've got 5000 miles on my bike which I feel has a lot of life left in it .....coupled with the fact that I can't outride my bike I don't see the need for the extra 50cc.....although there are times it would be nice. One little quirk I did notice.....there were a few times when going down hill I wasn't getting the engine braking. A quick blip of the throttle solved that problem. I did not experience any stalls, which is the biggest reason I bought the clutch ....and the couple/three times I went down (major icy in spots) only once did the motor die.....I think that had more to do with the carb not working when laying on it's side.

Based on the breif experience I've had with mine so far....I'm pleased with the purchase.

Happy Trails!

Noticed the mud on your thumper photo. Went to Evergreen State College in 71'-74'. It's muddy all in the time in Olympia. I there any riding in the Olympic National Park ? Bet that soil there is loamy as it gets - all those ferns. Doing a RevLoc on my WR450, the WR400 I used to have could have used it too.

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