wr 250 and 450 dry weights?

Thinking about trading my 2001 drz400s for one of these bikes. The dry weights are not published on Yamaha's website. Can anyone provide this info?


Clark, look back a couple of days ago when I asked a similar question. Topic: WR450F dry weights ?? July 16th. The exact answer isn't quite clear yet. If you find out please post.

Remember you'll have to add @55% to get the Canadian weight :) Just kiddin'.

Clark - On my bathroom scale my 00 DRZ400S was 50 lbs heavier than my 01WR250F (similarly prepped, ready to ride - no gas.) The power was the same and the WR had twice the throttle response and way better suspension. If you don't want to spend much time on the road - then the WR250F will be a nice upgrade. If you want to spend much more time on the road then trail to trail, the 450 is going to be the way to go. ...or if you want big power - the 450 all the way.

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