how to change timing chain?

I want to do a set of hotcams and a piston in my 2000' wr 400. I heard its good to change the timing chain.... What is involved in this? DOes it have a master link? thanks

I am fixing to do the same. I think you have to remove the stator assembly to get to the bottom end of the chain. Doesn't look to hard.

nope i don't believe there is a master link; i do believe if you are gona change the timing chain you are gona need this.

No there is no master link for timing chains. you will need to remove the cams, tensioner, mag side cover, flywheel, and possibly some other misc parts in order to remove the chain. Do you have a service manual for your machine? check in there, give it an quick read through to get an idea of what all you will have to do.

yeah, i have the online manual. I will take a look

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