where are these things made?

ok, so I know the cruisers and some of the atv's are made in the Marysville plant. Does anyone know where the XR650L or R are made?

Thanks :)

-- James

the 650r and L come out of the japan plants.


That might explain the "Made In Japan" stickers! :)

That's a good one! "Made in Japan" :D :D OK really, where are they made? :)


sorry, mine came a bit beet up, and whats left of the sticker on the stearing head is almost completley destroyed, and illegable. Thanks for the info.

-- James

pop quiz hotshot, which was the first honda bike or atv to be manufactured in a u.s. plant?

btw: did you know that honda owns several of the companies that make oem equipment for harley davidson. electronics being one.

Goldwing...What do I win! :)

nope. close. the goldwing interstate was the second honda to come out of a u.s. plant (circa 1980). any idea what came before that? anyone?

the answer may surprise you...

(btw: i'm no expert, just being fed this info from my dad. thought it was interesting)

Well, ya got me!... Coulda swore it was the Goldwing. Bummer 'cause I already spent my prize money! :)

man what a dead board. looks like it's just you and me checking this thing today. xr650 owners must be of the "strong silent type." anywho, the first honda to come out of a u.s. plant was the cr50r it was air cooled back then and easy to build. it was followed shortly thereafter by the goldwing interstate.


sorry. i meant cr250r...

The CR250R was made here in the states? As Johnny Carson would say..."I did not know that". Yeah, the forum's movin' kinda slow today...now we know how the Maytag Repairman feels. :)

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