Circlip on Intake cam

Alright I have sounded stupid on here before so this is nothing new..

I am doing my first valve adjustment and I am a little scared and probably being a little to cautious, but how the frack do I get the cam cap back on? I have put the circlip over the bearing I have put it in the cap and I cant frickin get the cap to seat properly either way. What is the secret? What am I doing wwrong?

Try moving cam farther back towards the kickstarter side of the bike. Normally to make everything line up, the cam has to be as far to the right as it will go.

Look carefully at the surface of the head next to the cam bearing. You should be able to see a "witness mark", a faint stain or mark left by oil at the bottom of the clip groove. If you visually align the groove with this mark, the cap will be very close to dropping straight in place.

From this starting point, set the clip in the cam bearing, and engage the cap to the clip. As the cap wiggles down into place, it may catch on the alignment dowels in the head. If so, tap the cam left and right across the head with a light mallet or screwdriver handle while applying light pressure on the cap. When it gets lined up, it will drop onto the dowels, and you should be able to press it most of the way down by hand.

Thanks guys..I made a very small adjustment like KJ mentioned, set the circlip in place put the cap over it and the thing basically "fell" into place. I fought this thing for an hour, got on here, asked for help, got some advice and had it done in less than 30 seconds..I love TT

Thanks Again:worthy: :p:thumbsup:

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