Add-a-bike moto carrier

Hey guys, do any of you use the add-a-bike carrier, it's the two inch reciever rail style carrier that has an arm that drops vertically down on the seat? I was wondering what you thought of this carrier, are there drawbacks or features you wish it had? Your input would be appreciated. I did a search for this here in thumpertalk but didn't get any results. Thanks.

I dont have one, but the thing that would bother me is, having that bar pushing on my seat all the time. Seems like it could cause alot of extra wear. I'm not sure what style I would get. A small trailer cost about the same though.

I also thought that it might create a depression; that is one thing I would like to find out about. I have a three rail traler, but am looking for a way to carry a single bike on my Tahoe.

I also have a Tahoe and was thinking about checking this one out: it's $349.00.

There is also moto tote wich goes for $325

Hope this helps.


I like that joeracer one, looks nice, I wonder how it would be on the back of a 27ft camp trailer, Do you think it would be too much weight on the back and cause the trailer to pull differant? What about a two bike hauler instead of caring the coolers? Do they make them like that?

the one I was refering to can be seen at :

Hey ya all. Iv'e had a MotoTote receiver bike carrier for five years and hauled my 98 WR400, 02' WR426 and now 03' WR450. The unit works great, EZ load, no problems. Be aware of several things: 1.) Get the receiver shims - they take the play out of the receiver, less side-to-side shimmy, 2.) use good condition tie downs, even on the rear axle - Iv'e witnessed first-hand an XR400 buddie who lost his bike off the back driving in front of a count-mounty (ticket time). Even tie a knot in the straps when mounted, 3.) get ready for some steering adventures - my former 86' Jeep Grand "Wag-N-Steer" would change steering attitude w/ bike when highway speed bumps on corners would occur. My 99 Yukon, however, hauls the bike in back like it wasn't there. Other than that, Iv'e used the MotoTote on Colorado 4WD trails without incident. It bounces around, but the tinseled steel of the MotoTote only flexes, never breaks. Why add 400lbs. + of trailer when 60 lbs. of MotoTote will do ?

I use the moto jack rack and I think it is the greatest. You lower it to the ground with the jack that is attached. Lift the bike on the plat form as you would a bike stand, Lock it down on the foot pegs, Lift it with the jack and drive away. I can install it on my Jeep Grand cherokee in 2 minutes and load my bike in 2 more. I guarentee that it takes longer than five minutes from start to finish for the other carriers.

Eric :)


If you are short on cash, you could consider buying a standard 500 lb. cargo carrier and modifying it. I bought one from Harbor Freight Tools for under 50 bucks, then added a plank to extend it so my bike (83 XL600) would fit. Just this worked fine for a while but I ended up paying another 20 bucks to have it beefed up by a welder with some better welds and added supports. I loved mine because I didn't have to follow the lower speed limits I would have to follow with a trailer and I could get it into places I never could have gotten a trailer. I even added some trailer lights for anther 20 bucks to my rack because the bike obscured the taillights on my older suburban.

Just a thought, but if you have the cash, buying a real bike carrier is certainly less work. Use the shims with either one, though. Makes a huge difference. Also, ratchet straps are the only way to go with a rack like this.

My God, you all must make way to much doe, I built my bike carrier for 35.00$$$ 4inch c channel 8 ft long, 4ft of 1 inch c channel, 3 ft 2ich square tube, might not look as pretty as the big boys but I saved a whole lot of $$$ for other assy!!

works great and takes up little space in garage when not in use.

What does the motojackrack cost? There's no listing on their site.

I believe it costs $350, additional costs if you want the gas can holder, and shipping on top of that.

BTW, I bought the add-a-bike carrier, I got one on ebay for $238. Seems the manufacturer is selling them there brand new, he starts his bidding price at $225. I'll give a full "performance report" after I've used it a bit.

I agree with CMORE, I welded up a rack 6 yrs ago when I had a camper shell on my truck, all the steel 5in channel, angle iron, square stock etc cost $75. It has hauled my old XR400, & my WR400 & a 69 Triumph Bonneville 750 with no problems. In fact 2 friends have had welding shops copy it for $90.00

just my 02

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