Replacement Levers

Hi everyone !

This past week while riding beautiful Foresthill I accidentally customized my front brake lever by dropping bike. Now I can only use my index finger on the bad boy. I am looking for quality replacements. Anyone have any suggestions as to brand to use ? I know I need to buy barkbusters too. I need to keep this in mind for the fitting of the guards/levers/protapers.

Which barkbusters would mount well with Pro Tapers?

Any help is much appreciated,



MSR makes a dual package that contains both the Clutch and the Brake levers for around $22.00. The GYT-R Aluminium Pro Bend Handguards with the Tripple CLamp mounts will shield them from damage as well.

Bonzai :)

Check out Cycra Pro-Bend Hand Guards,I've tried others.I like these the best so far,a little more expensive but worth it IMHO


Another approach: Install ARC Levers. They will pivot either way from an additonal joint in the lever. They are spring loaded to a normal position and function totally normally until you have an unplanned get off. They are billet machined, guaranteed for life and a quality piece. Loosen your perches so they will rotate on the handle bars when smacked and it is bulletproof. I was going to get barkbusters but after a few months of using these I really don't see the need for my open desert riding. I had about a 20 mph (slowed from 50) getoff a few weeks ago and the levers and perches were among the few things not bent. Good Luck, Mark

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