Rand Racing Radiators???

Has anyone had any experience with Rand Racing Radiators? They are selling on eBay for $100 each side which is significantly lower than the Fluidyne units.


I love my fluidyne rads. Go with them.

My buddy bought one today, will let you know.

I bought some off eBay just before the last post from dougE and got them in the mail today. They look pretty solid; just like replicas of Fluidyne. I have yet to see how they perform, but will give an update once they've been tested. To their advantage, they will be protected...

My left stock'er was completely bent and mangled, as was the Flatland radiator guard protecting it. But it was a pretty hard hit directly to the radiator, and I think the guards lengthened the overall life of my radiators, so I'm still wrapping my eBay radiators with Flatland's guards.

Anybody have reviews on these yet?

I ended up buying a set. They seem to fit nice and work really well I did have to change a hose or two but other than that they bolted right up.

I'm going to be buying one for the left. I'll let you know how it goes.

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