San Francisco Paper Wilderness Poll VOTE for "motorbikes access"

Thanks for the link! I encourage everyone to vote. Anybody can vote. This newspaper is a major news source in the Bay Area and Boxer will most likley receive the results. A great way to let Boxer know where I stand while sitting on my a#@.

I already voted! A couple of times I think. :)

I got your back out here in the midwest! :)

Let motorbikes in is up to 20% Come on thumpanators, VOTE !!!!! We need to win this poll!


P.S. After voting, delete your cookies and vote again !

I am up to atleast 6 votes now

Just wanted to put this back at the top. Let's get more people to vote on this, We need to show them that this kind of policy will not be tolerated :)

Done. Let's win this thing in a San Francisco paper. That's where the enviros get most of their support within Calif.


My 20 or so votes took it over 25%. Don't think the other side aren't doing that too...

VOTE NOW!!! If you already haven't... :)

Come on everyone ! We are up to 27% !!!!!

We are getting close ! Think of it as Yamaha vs. Honda ( for motivation purposes )


HEY! how do you delete the cookies?!!! :)

Dr Zauis,

You can delete your cookies by going to the top of Internet Explorer where you see Tools.

From the drop down box select "internet options"

In middle of page you will see an Icon which says "Delete Cookies" When prompted to delete all cookies from Temporary Internet folder, answer "yes."

If you have a different version of Internet Explorer, you can always go the long way.

Go to your Windows directory on C: drive. Select "show all files" and then go to Cookies directory. Highlight all and delete.

Hope this helps and go vote !!!!!


sweet...thanx dude. :):D:D

Were almost there, 29% us & the abolitionists, 35% for the bikes.

go & VOTE!!!!

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