Question about coolant pump?

Taking off my water pump today to change all the seals, and I am having trouble getting the impeller (sp). Does anyone know a trick to this, I will be taking the clutch cover off tomorrow too if that helps?

On my 07 WR450 you have to pop not only the impellar cover off but the clutch cover too. If I remember right you have to push the impellar out from the back and there is some sort of clip on the back side of the shaft. I am sure someone else will chime in with more detail. Goodluck!

done mine the other day 05 model so may be different you have to take off the water pumper cover then the pump itself after that then you take off the clutch cover off.

(you can leave the oil filter cover in place)

to get the impeller off i put my bike in 1st gear held the rear brake down and then undid the pump.

while you in there is worth changing both seals and the bearing if the shaft is worn change that to cost me around £60 in total including the clutch gasket and kick start seal witch you can get away without changing :thumbsup:

Thanks that should help.:thumbsup:

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