Do i have a problem? (Syn oil in my 08)

OK--- i brain farted and filled up with a quart and something of Royal Purple auto type 10W-30.

I know my YZ is a wet clutch with a Rekluse thrown in to boot--- i haVE about a 2 hour ride in the morning --- should i dump this stuff asap-- or for 2 hour do i even need to worry about it?

I hate to roach a $100 set of plates and springs over 12 bucks worth of oil

Their website says nothing about the auto motor oil beeing wet clutch compatible, so I would not do it. Dump it quick, just because the plates are worth so much. Better to waste $12 like you said.

Unless the oil states it is API EC II, it's most likely OK for the clutch, but it's not a very durable oil. Since it's already only a 30 wt, it won't be much good after the first couple of hours.

Thanks for the quick response guys --- i dumped the RP and went with something a little more appropriate to get through the day (a mineral based 30 weight) --- 30 weight oil did have the trans shifting notchy after 1.5 hrs though

---- note to self -- next time im at Cycle Gear- stock up on oil

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