2002 YZ426F Troubles

Alright I'm having some major troubles with my 426 I went to change the plug the other day and I pulled the plug out and pushed the kick start down to see if there was compression not thinking bout how far the plug is down and not being able to cover the hole:bonk: , well after that I put the plug in and got it all put back together and tryed kicking it and theres no compression in the cylinder and I also noticed that the de-compression lever was stuck. So I pulled the plug out and put it back in well same problem. The de-compression lever let loose and I could feel the resistance of the valve so that was a plus. I mean its probably time for a new bike but I wanna fix the problem I was thinking the rings could be bad, or probably need to adjust the valves. However any advice would be great.

So was there compression before you pulled the plug? With the plug out you wouldn't feel any compression. Look on the front right of the cylinder head and try to move the compression release lever by hand to see if it is stuck or if just the cable is bad.

Sometimes valves will stick in the open position if the bike is not at TDC when it's shut off and it takes several kicks to get them to come unstuck.

Sometimes simple things like that will make you wonder if something bigger isn't the problem.

Without the plug in - you would NOT have compression - EVER.

Worn rings would let compression bleed off, but it would likely not feel like NO compression at all - you would sense some compression.

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