2008 yz450 SE Head pipe

Purchased a SS head pipe to replace the Titanium one I creased. The SS pipe seems to have a larger diameter piece going into the muffler and will not fit also the flange going into the head is different as well it's concave instead of flat. Here is the part# of the SS head pipe GYT-2S293-50.

Did I receive the wrong pipe? Is this the right part#? Why wont it fit?

That's an incomplete part number. If you read it of a tag or a box, it is probably a 2S293-50-00

Note that that's a replacement header for a complete system, not a header for a stock exhaust, and that the replacement muffler assembly, 2S293-01-SS, "does not fit the stock head pipe", indicating the two are not the same size.

Thanks for the clarification grayracer513. Do you know if they make an SS replacement header for the stock exhaust?

I've never heard of one.

The YFZ450 (quad) has come stock with a stainless version of the 03-06 YZ header. I'm not sure what the new YFZ has for a header with the new designed engine (like the 06-09 YZ engine), but you can look into it. You can also run one of the older YFZ headers with 06 exhaust gasket at the midpipe (not positive if the gasket will fit, may require more of a modification). Or you can buy a stainless replacement header from another company like pro circuit or FMF.

well since u already have the header.. why not just go out and buy the can to match and u will have a complete system?? i know its a few more bucks but it might save u a headach later on trying to track something like this down..

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