2002 YZ426F problems

Alright I may have a serious problem on my hands. I changed the plug on my 2002 YZ426F the other day and after I pulled the plug out I pushed the kick start down and tried covering the hole with my finger seeing if the bike still had compression forgetting the holes so far down :thumbsup:. So anyhow I put the plug back in and got it all put back together and tried kicking it and it had no compression. I also noticed that the decompression lever didn't have any resistance to it like the valve with stuck, so I took the plug out and put everything back together; I noticed the decompression lever had resistance to it again so I'm guessing the valve got stuck somehow, but have no idea. I know its probably time for a new bike but would rather stay with the 426. I also thougth that I may need new rings or adjust the valves. any advice would be helpful thanks

Have you started an run the bike since you experienced this problem ? If yes, how did it run. If it ran OK chances are you just have a sticky decompression problem (possibly cable related).

Do your self a favor and change the exhaust cam with the new auto decomprssion cam it's the best this I did to my 426

Does anybody know what rear sprocket to use on my 02 yz426 to reduce the torque?

Does anybody know what rear sprocket to use on my 02 yz426 to reduce the torque?

Pevan, not sure what kind of riding you did. But I went down 1 tooth in the front, so that 1st gear was more friendly on the clutch, and in the slow stuff. What a difference!:thumbsup: I did notice though, that the previous owner actually had +1 in the rear already.

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