Question for Experienced WR pilots

Greetings all. As a new WR rider, and loving it, I have two issues I need addressed. First, what mid pipe silencer combo is the best when trying to stay quiet (national/state park riding) while at the same time losing some wt and adding some HP, and, do WRs have a dual idle, long high rev, and them eventually slowing to a slow idle? I have done the BK mod and air box removal, turned the mixture screw out 1 3/4 turns out, and the bike just does not like to idle well. You blip it, very crisp, comes down to a fast idle, and then after about 5 seconds drops down to the slow idle. Normal??? Never have seen this in a 4 stroke dirt bike.

I appreciate any advice you can give me, thanks, Mark

Either your idle adjustment is a tad on the high side, try turning it out 1/8 to 1/4 of a turn. Or it's probably running lean. Try turning the air/fuel mixture screw out a half a turn.

hey in reply to the pipe thing...... $5 dollars at shucks

i did that to my bike and there is an unbelivible change in noise and no HP is lost.. all that it is is a 90degree albow pipe... it works like u wouldnt believe.. as for other mods.. well... they can be really usefull :):D :D there are other pipes but if u dont want to spend a whole lot of money then the downturn for 5 bucks is hard to beat.. give it a shot and tell me what u think

The "Dual Idle" you are experiencing is exactly the way my WR acts. Instead of wainting for the idle to come down, I just drop it in gear and slip the clutch a bit and the idle comes right down.

It has been suggested that this is due to a "lean" condition. Overall, I am happy with the performance so I chose not to mess with jetting. Note that the bike still has the original spark plug. One thing I noticed on this forum is that the jetting gurus are generally talking about fouling plugs.

Sounds kind of fun to tinker with jetting, but since I need to haul the bike a couple of hours to ride it, I devote all of my time with her to the ride, not "tinkering" on the trail and at camp.

Oh, I am rambling....................


The "Dual Idle" you are experiencing is exactly the way my WR acts. Instead of wainting for the idle to come down, I just drop it in gear and slip the clutch a bit and the idle comes right down.

:) Good suggestion.

Can you explain what you did with this down turn pipe? Any pics? Did you just buy a 45 or 90 degree metal joint and stuff it in the end of the silencer? I am all for going cheap if it works! Thanks. Hey, does you bike seem to wait before coming down from a fast idle to a slow idle? Pretty annoying when rock crawling.

Your bike is to lean. You Need to re-jet. This issue is all over the TT site. My best jetting so far is 50 Pilot, and a 160 main. Cranks and runs great. No foul plugs and you want beleive how much better it runs. Good luck.

I'll second that. Installed a 48 PJ and It WR462 (02) became a totally different machine. The idle is now rock solid and makes handling tight technical manuvers a snap. Just do it !! :)

X2, Zoomy,

Your bikes are running lean. The sypmtoms you describe are whats called a "hanging idle". The problem with being lean is the risk of burning the piston. Out of the box these bikes are strong. If you adjust the pilot, main, and clip position on your bike (rejet) You will turn it into a much snappier, much more challenging bike to ride. Once you learn how to ride something thats trying to modify your shoulder joints and wave the front wheel in the air, this bike doubles the fun level!!!

Rejet and get familier with how to do it. Also, every bike is different, what works for one in the same conditions may be slightly different for you.



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