2000 WR400 help

I need a little quick help here riders. I ran across a 2000 WR 400 that has not been started in over a year. The story is the gas tank is cracked at a seam across the top. Prior to this the bike had a top end rebuild by the local dealer since the original owner never cleaned the air cleaner and trashed the engine. This current owner said he had put only 10-12 hours before the tank cracked and has been in his garage since. Is there anything in particular that I should look for? Are there any generic issues? Also, which aftermarket tank seems to fit up the best. I have no experience with these bikes so all input will be appreciated. BTW I haven't seen the bike in person yet. Thanks in advance.

on my 2001 wr 426 i have an ims tank. fits very well. the only thing is that i had to buy a yz seat as well because of the fact it was a yz tenk. it slimed out the bike as well. very happy with it.

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