WR450 CDI BAD ????

Put the YZF jetting in the bike tonight and started it up to the same stumble as before. Just for grins I unplugged the TPS like the guys on the 250 forum are doing to check the CDI on their bikes and lo and behold the bike runs great. Then I pulled the tank and reconnected the grey wire to see what effect it would have. With the TPS and grey wire connected the bike ran like crap. Unplugged the TPS again and the bike runs good but not as good as the grey and TPS disconnected. After reading numerous post on the 250 side I feel my CDI box is toast.

Any Ideas? :)

no idea....but hopefully its not a big deal. :)

One time I had a stumble like that and it turned out to be the spark plug. I started using the NGK iridium plugs after that.BTW have you be running the gray wire disconnected?

Utvols - on page 2 of this forum, there is a thread called "WR450 Manuals are Here". I think one of them is the service manual. That may have some troubleshooting info that you can use. I am new to this, so forgive me if I have stated the obvious. I enjoyed your jetting info. I can't wait for the call from my dealer.

Did you try to adjust the TPS yet? It's covered in the manual. I have suggested this on the 250 side but it has fallen on deaf ears. Seems like it would be worth a try since the problem goes away when you unplug it.

Yeah I checked the TPS per the manuel with no effect.

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