Florida 450 jetting

Over the weekend I removed the stock odometer,cable and drive hub,did a slight mod to the airbox( I already removed the snorkle). I also cut the throttle stop. I put on a YZf dust seal on the axle,Zipty mag drain bolt, Zipty mag ft. rotor bolt(for enduro comp.)Pro Circuit Ti-4 slip on pipe with Euro style end cap. I rejetted my carb with the 48 pilot and 155 main and I put in a NGK CR8EIX iridium spark plug. I rode today in 72 degrees with a little rain and it ran really well. My bike has very good low end that slips into pull your arms from the sockets at the twist of the throttle. I also put on Moose barkbusters with no brush guards.

This bike handles so well. after riding the 250 last year I really felt deep down that the 450 would feel heavy and a lot harder to handle. There are very few places along the tightest trails that the 450 feels any heavier. There are some but very few. For those few extra pounds you've got a bike that has all the power you could want,e-start,no drill and easy access air filter. After wondering if the upgrades and going to the 450 for 03' were going to be worth it, after several rides I am very happy. The 250 when I raced it had to really be wound up to go fast (it still had good low end thought) while the 450 has power to spare. Tim Allen would love this bike...

Hey wr250fla,

did you do the FTR series last season?

If so what class?

I rode the last three enduros last season in senior C. I started ride H/S also this season, senior C has about 45 guys on the line at the scrambles,its one of FTRs biggest classes.

I did Vet B last FTR season. (4th overall)

I Got a job transfer to NJ 4 mos ago.

I miss FTR.

Anyway sorry to change the subject.

Thanks for all the info in your original post.


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