Race Gas!!

Has anybody tried running VP Ultimate 4 Race Gas in their Pig? I have a Pig Bud who also rides a CRF450R. He has started running the Ult. 4 in it. He also just put a Big Gun exhaust on it. As you can imagine, it goes like stink. The cool thing is my pig hangs right in there in aceleration and I still have the top end :) We are set to go riding this coming weekend and I was thinking of using some Uber Gazz :D to juice things up a little bit. I know that it makes a difference in his CRF. Have any of my Pig Bro's run this stuff and does it make a diff. in the BIG RED PIG? Arrr Arrr Arrr! :D

Don't do it. Unless you have a high compression piston and stuff, dont do it. I tried the race fuel once and evenutally dumped it all in the truck to get rid of it. 92 octane runs best! The stuff I bought was from the Moto shop I think it was 104 or 109.

From what I understand about VP Ultimate 4, it's not super high octain. It was formulated just for 4 strokes. I have ridden my bud's CRF450R with pump gas and Ult. 4 and I can tell a difference. Hmmmm....we'll see how much extra jingle I can scrounge and maybe I'll try some out this weekend and report back to Thumper Central. It's a nasty job but someone has to do it! :)

One of Bruce Ogilvie’s tips on things American Honda discovered or learned was...

"A stock XR650 will run better on pump gas than a high-octane race fuel, which needs a higher com­pression ratio to be effective. (All gas in the Honda pits is Chevron 92- or VP 93-octane unleaded.) "

Here's the info in its entirety...


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