If I put the ice screws in my 739's, ya think they won't be as slick???

Kidding, but..... If I were to do it, how durable are they? I rode Rampart Range last week adn we hit quite a bit of ice on the trail, but not everywhere. Can you ride dirt without stripping the screws out?

I'll do it before I mount the M22 and S12 :)

Kold Kutters 5/8" will do the trick. The 739's are worthy of the studded sacrafice. Saw some on Ebay awhile back. No problems retaining the front studs but the back may be a different story.Usually the knobby splits losing the stud. Not a big deal though,although not recommended on rocky terrain. Try to keep wheel spin to a minimum :)

Yeah right,


You lost me at the wheel spin remark. From what the guys here have said, it sounds like I will end up littering the trail w/screws. As one guy put it, maybe I should just wait for the thaw :)

Thanks for the input!


Send me your 739's! (rear only please!) :)

Thats all I buy for the rock ledge. They hook up fine and last quite a while.

When you ride in the rocks all the time you have to worry about durability over performance.

Put some crazy glue on the screw threads.

5/8" screws have a tendency of working themselves loose in time. As an exercise, you will find you have to tighten them a quarter turn or so after every ride. You are going to lose the odd stud. That happens. Ice racers actually use screws that are 1 inch in length. They take a carcass of a street tire and place it inside the knobby. This allows the 1" screw a layer to penetrate, increasing stiffness of the tire, and firming the seating of the screw. For casual trail riding, I would not bother going to this extreme. Riding on dirt does in time, dull the case hardening screws.

Hard core ice racers use skins to protect their tires as they wheel them down onto the ice! If want to ride in winter by all means buy a box of 5/8" Kold Kutters, You wont regret it. Just keep in mind excessive wheel spin will cost you a few studs and occasionally a knob. No big deal.


I went on the Zekes run on New Years day and rode from the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo up to Victor which is at about 11,500 feet. Snow, bare ground, ice, etc. I had brand new screws and they are trashed. If you can stay on all snow, you'd be fine. Otherwise I'd get a set of studded tires.

This guy does them and had his for 3 years and he hooked up great and as the tire wears, the stud sticks out more. He told us $75 labor per tire and you can run them year after year. He drills the tire and puts the biggest stud in he can. This is my plan for next year.

If you're set on screws, Dennis Kirk has the Gold Screws. I used 1/2" and didn't loose more than 5 out of 500 in a 65 mile ride.

Contact info:

Keith Kolb


Good Luck,


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