WR450 Handlebars

What type of pro tapers are the stock handlebars on the WR450 (08)?

I'm trying to find the bend so I can compare them to other ones.

Best I can tell, they are really close if not exactly the same as CR High bend.


call procycle-us

there's a guy there that has info on all the bend specs on stock bars vs aftermarket.

I emailed Protaper on this one.. as i was looking at getting higher bars, but needed to know what was on it already as a starting point...

Here is the reply...

Our version of the standard YZF/WRF bars is the YZ High bend. So you can take those dimensions and see what works best for you

If you ride standing up and are 6' plus try the KX high.

I just installed some on my 08' and the difference was amazing!

They are 4.25" bars.

I am 6'2".

I am going to reverse my F5's from Pro Moto Billet to the "Lowboy position" next and see if that works. It looks like you can lat out remove the little allen screw that came with the footpegs and let them hit the bolt for the peg mount.

It might be too cheesy but I would like just a little more!

Yeah, wish i had gone the KX hi's, just for that little bit extra over the windams that i ended up getting... Now im going to try 19mm raisers with the original bars to see what its like... I think raisers + windams may = longer cables...


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