gas milage for 07 WR450

Hey does any one know the milage on a stock tank 07 wr450.

Yes I know it wi vary but I think i get close to 45 miles per tank what about the rest of you.

Yes I know it will vary

That is the KEY word my friend...if your doing single track and im doing desert and you have 13/52 gearing and i have 14/48...we arent talking apples to apples...

I had an 03 with a 2.1 stock tank, if I remember you might go 45 but, it will be damn near dry even if your riding single track with any speed.

This past Friday I rode the 07 from the Ramada Inn in Barstow to Randsburg and back (196 miles). A mix of all kinds of terrain including a wide open blast across Cuddyback dry lake bed, some bitching single track in the Freemont mountains and plenty of sand washes and whooped out trails. We stopped at all the plane crash sites along the way. I'm easy on the throttle and don't spin my wheels unneccessarily. At the gas station at Randsburg the odo showed 105 miles and the tank (IMS 3.1 gallon) took 2.6 gallons to fill up. My gearing was 14/50. Hopefully this data point gives you some kind of idea of what to expect.

Ditto. I can get near to 120 miles on my 3.1 IMS tank. When I still had the stocker, we did alot of WFO terrain and I hit reserve at 52 miles. If you know you are going to push your mileage range, take it easy on the throttle, and you should get 40 MPG easy, out of your stock WR.

Im going to stick to 20 miles out 20 miles back that is what I have been doing and it seems to work give or take a couple of miles .

The take it easy part well .... No, can't ride that way. I have tried just not in my blood.

Thanks guys i was just curious about what others were getting

Thanks again.

After 35 miles of pretty agressive riding, I have to switch over to reserve. Jd jetting and an FMF TI Powercore core pipe plus, all free mods......

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