How to tell if throttle stop is there or not?

I have just bought my first (used) 2000 WR400, I have read about the throttle stop modification but is there a very easy way to check if the throttle stop modification has already been done before I go messing with the carb? I mean can I tell by how far the throttle twists or something like that? I guess I could tell by top speed or something but my speedo is not working!


Two ways:

Loosen the clamp on the carb (airbox side) Pull back the boot and tuck it behind the frame and turn the throttle open, stick your finger in the carb bore and feel if the slide is all the way up.


Take off the black plastic cover that goes over the throttle cables on the kickstart side of the carb. It'll be an allen head screw from the bottom up.


your bike will have the power of a 1981 xr 100.

With the stop in you can only twist the throttle about 1/4 of the way.

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