case gasket material

I'm currently putting a case back together after installing a new crank and bearings and I'm wondering what to use as gasket material. Since the factory uses silicone I was wondering if anyone makes a gasket for the case. I was thinking of ordering a complete gasket kit but didn't know if it contained the case gasket. Need some advice, Thanks!!!

Many guys have used yamabond 4 with great success, but the best is yamabond 1215, which is made by ThreeBond. Yamaha doesn't carry it any longer, but any ducati dealership still has it, under DucatiBond 1215 or actually, the best place to go is your local Subaru dealer. They stock it under Subaru Bond or Fuji Bond and it comes in a larger tube. I got mine from Subaru Parts online, for $20, plus shipping for an 8.8 oz tube.

Search in the general forum for yamabond 1215, i listed the website there.

Thanks. After thinking about it I can understand why they don't use a paper gasket there. Probably so that the cases have no chance to move or expand.

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