Found a way to beat CRF450 in drag race

Whenever my friends and I go to the dez, Glamis and Octollio Wells, we always drag race. Well ever since my friend got a CRF450 I can't beat him in a short race on my BRP. I've tried everything, once I even looped it trying so hard, paddle hooked up in third in the woops and over I went before I knew what happened, pretty funny. Now I finally found a way to beat my friends CRF450 in a drag race, one day we both started in 4th and big thumper took him no problem. Sometimes we trade bikes, and I like how lite and nimble his is and he loves the big thumper feel and raw power of the BRP. But I am always happy to get back on the pig. Just sharing a story.

00 XR650R uncorked

01 CR250

95 XR600 lots of stuff (sold)

95 KX500 (sold)

You can always gear the XR 25% lower, to the CRF's level!

Accelerating that extra 60 lbs. or so is what hurts the BRP in a drag race. The last time I watched a 24 hr car race on tv, I didn't notice any Formula one cars .

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