Any old/slow guys riding the WR450F?

Just started riding a couple years ago:

50 years and 250 lbs. Been riding 2T's (KTM 200MXC & KDX220), but just got an '03 WR450. Love the power and the chug of the WR. I've been told by my friends that I'm slow....

I'm 43, 5'11", and 208 Lbs.

I had never been on a dirt bike before in my life.

Six months ago my boss invited me to a 120 mile ride in the Mojave with a group of guys. I have a friend that owns a 2008 WR450 and I asked if I could borrow it for the ride. He said sure, of course he didn't know I had never been on a dirt bike before.

Well, I went on that ride and had an absolute blast and was immediately hooked. I went out and bought a slightly used 09 WR450 and have been riding a half dozen times since. I've eaten shit a few times, but not enought to scare me away.

I love my WR! :thumbsup:

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