Overhaul Time 04' yz450f

Ok this last trip out in the desert let me know what i need.

So i have a couple questions.

First i bought a White Bros E2 for it so i had a spark arrestor but the thing was blowing packing into the spark arrestor further clogging up my bike lol.

Question is; Repack or buy a new exhaust?

Next is the chain sprocket and countersprocket. I need new ones.

Does anyone have a set up they really like? i ride very diversly. Track one week then down in the desert and during the summer i head up to woods and get into the tight stuff.

Also i need to fork seals. How hard are they to do yourself? i do all my own work but the seals scare me cuz i have never done them before.

Thanks for any input. I'd like to do it sorta cheap but i also want to do it right so i'm not doing this again in 4 months lol

definitely repack the pipe.

regarding the chain... I tend to buy the Regina chain and sprocket sets off of ebay. They're steel and heavy, but then again, so am I :thumbsup: I change my chain and sprocket every year, which is about 10-12 rides. Therefore, I don't spend a fortune on them.

the fork seals are super easy. Get yourself a Tusk fork seal driver. I think you'd need teh 48mm one. It makes the job simpler. Then look at the youtube video for changing and servicing the forks. Its really, really easy.

I would get the Regina ORN-6 as Gray always reccomends and when I had my 04 I did 50/50 track/trail. I loved the gearing combo of 14/47. As far as sprockets I would go with something like an ironman or supersprox.


Regina o-ring/x-ring chain, Tag Metals sprockets.

Pick up a fork seal driver and go for it.

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