Water pump shaft reseal

Alright fellas. I did all the searches and read up on the process.

First, I ordered the parts per the FAQ thread. 2 seals, a bearing and the new shaft. The outer seal part number is wrong for an 05 wr450. Today being monday I'll have to get to that tomorrow when the shop opens up.

After doing this project I have some recomendations for anyone that is looking at doing it as I was and searching posts for info.

My bike has an allen head bolt on the header flange. I bought my bike used so I don't know if that is stock or not. I had to take off the right side radiator to get a wrench on this bolt and break it loose. Put it back together with some anti seize, you'll thank yourself if you do this again.

As far as doing it again. You will! What a terrible design!!!!!!

That shaft has a square end that fits in the end of the counter balancer. It's sloppy. Then, the engineers run it through one bearing and maybe 1/4 inch of bearing surface and cantilever it out through 2 seals and then put an unbalanced impeller on the end with water pressure against it.***!

If you understood that, then you've been in there. LOL

Anyways, I'll know tomorrow if 05 was an odd year regarding the outer seal and I'll post the results. Maybe the FAQ thread can be fixed.

Thanks for all the help I did find fellas. The " crack a cold one and get to work", ends up being some of the best advice!

On further inspection, the bag with the outer seal was already opened. The dealer is giving me another seal to try, no charge.

We'll see if this works.

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