Hey everyone, something bizarre is going on with my ride.. after parking my bike after a ride say overnight, there's maybe a tablespoon or so of this white sludgey crap on the ground. It seems to be coming from the oil dump hose because there's a bit in the hose too.. but, &%$#@! is it ? I've never seen it before.. It's like.. melted marshmallows or something ? Very very odd.. I'm going to change the oil this weekend, but that's a bit disturbing.. anyone else had this before ?

quick question.... did u do any deep water crossings when u rode??? if u did then what u are seeing might be an oil and water mixture.... but if u didnt do any deep water crossings... then follow these steps

1. go inside the house

2. grab your pistol ( or if u dont own a pistol borrow 1)

3. go back outside


heh, that reminds me of the last problem i had... you guys told me to dig a really big hole, hug my bike, and then bury it :)

but nah, i didn't do any big water stuff.. mainly MX. actually that reminds me - my oil level was a bit short so i scored some Shell VSX off a mate and put a little bit in.. and i usually run Mobil 1. ideas ?

Are you loosing coolant? How often do you refill the radiators?

Yeah but that's a completely different prob :) I refill the rads before every ride because i don't have the overflow bottle on it anymore..

allot of oils turn a whitish slime stuff when they are cold. When the engine is running and if it has water or coolant in it, then the two get mixed up and the result is a whitish frothy stuff, but that will settle out. Mabye its time to change the oil and see whats going on.

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