Trading my 02 BRP for a New 450!

I just sold my 02 XR650R yesterday and I have a WR450 reserved. I am thinking of asking any of the Honda posters if they want to purchase any Red gear. I have turned blue faster than expected. I can’t go riding until my new 450 arrives :)

Congrads :):D for yyour a wise man...


The 650 is a great bike but, only for its intended purpose. I do a wide variety of riding and I think that the 450 is an excellent choice.

I switched from a BRP to a WR426 about 4 months ago.

Like the blue bike much better.

My two stroke is still better for racing.

Does the Yamaha have plenty of power for you?

Why did you switch?

I found that I need another bike that I could run tighter trails with and still enjoy myself and not get over worked.

it is lighter and it produces a ton o power.

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