Flywheel Removal Advice onf 2003 WR450

Got this flywheel/rotor puller from ebay (M30x1.0 R.H.) and tried to remove rotor. The rotor will not budge and I ended up stripping the fine 1mm threads on the puller. I think the no-name puller was of poor quality and I am going to try to get hold of a Motion Pro puller. Can someone give me some advise on how to effectively use the puller to get this flywheel off. I do not want to mess up the threads on the crank. Is there some type of permanant threadlock between the crank and the rotor, that is making this rotor so tough to remove? I tried to tap the totor and the shaft with brisk taps with a hammar, but no luck. Can someone advise on the best way to take off this rotor. I am loosing my confidence and may end up taking it to a shop to take off, if I do not have any luck with the Motion Pro puller (they warranty this for 1-year, so I am not worried about breaking it). Also, for information I did not remove the six hex screws in the rotor that attach a large gear that is turned by the starter gears. I have been told that the rotor and the clutch gear assembly (behind rotor) can be removed as one assembly.

Did you try to remove by just cranking down on the puller (incorrect method) or did you tighten it firmly, then rap the puller bolt with a hammer to pop it off (correct method)?

I banged the head of the puller (nut) when it was tightened down. I banged the side of the rotor, when it was tightened and I banged when the puller was not tightened down, but still no luck.

Normally, you tighten the puller, whack the bolt, tighten a little more (it should of slightly loosened) whack again and so on. It is possible, loctite was used on it. May have to add some heat to the mix if it still will not budge. BTW, it is not good to strike the flywheel, the magnets can be damaged.

You did have the bolt well backed out before you threaded the puller on, right? And I have to mention, so forgive me, but you did remove the nut on the crank?

Before installing the puller, I removed the nut and took out the washer and threaded the nut back on the crank - to prevent mushrooming of the threads (saw this caution on a previous Thumpertalk post). There was sufficient gap for the rotor to pull out when the puller was clamped down. I am pretty sure I screwed the puller on the rotor properly by screwing all the way to make the maximum grip on the rotor. Anyways I have the Motion Pro puller on order and have to wait a few days before I can do anything else.

BTW there are no stupid questions. I really appreciate all of your guys assistance on this topic. I started this task with a little frustration (I mistakenly disassembled my son's 2002 WR250f and when I went to apply the rotor puller noticed it was the wrong bike - ***sh_t both bikes look identical from the side - now I know how a surgeon feels when he opertates on the wrong person). So I tried very hard not to take my frustration out on the rotor and slowed this job down.

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