Grey Wire

Hi Guys,

I am new to this forum, I have had my WR400 from new (1998) and am looking to change upto the 450 this year. Seems the easiest way to get over the difficult hot start problem!!

I have looked through the archives, but can find no mention of the "grey wire" which several posts refer to (usually cutting the grey wire). Can one of you enlighten me as to what this wire does and is it on the 1998 WR400 (can I take advantage of it?).

Cheers Thrasher (alias Gary)

first of all i have a hard time believing that you cant find anything on the grey wire. second the grey wire adds a hesitation in the midrange so the bike will pass emission and sound testing. By cutting this you eliminate the hesitation. Some guys get amazing results. Some dont feel or notice a thing. But most everyone on here has cut the thing. Make up your mind for yourself. Have you gotten YZ timed yet? you should. now there is a big difference. Whoa!!

ah i see now you are in europe. No grey wire over there. so dont worry about it.


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