Will a 2008 wr450 run without a battery?

Worked fine until I ate shit. Shortly after that, the thing started going low on juice then wouldnt charge while the bike was running. Battery only 6 months old. Yuasa replaced it. How do I check the charging system without the battery in it? Doesnt seem to start without the battery in it.:thumbsup:

It will start and run without the battery. Since your having battery problems there may be an issue with the DC circuit. The DC circuit charges the battery as well as provides 12 volts to the cdi. Sounds like your not getting 12 volts to the cdi. Could be the magneto coil, rectifier/regulator or wiring, etc.

Thanks for the quick reply. I was pretty sure that it should run without a battery....but wasnt positive. Like I said...I did stuff it pretty hard just prior to system no working correctly. Basically you are telling me that I should check all the wiring to ensure it is all hooked up correctly first, then trace the electrical back to the stator?:thumbsup:

I just started tearing the damn thing apart...tank off, started taking zip tyes off when I thought....

I floated the ground for the baja designs lights and I think that changes the dc circuit and everything runs off the battery now.....right?

Yeah, I found the wire. I thought about it and it wouldnt make sense that the wiring would be changed in that manner. Damn little plug came undone just enough. Thanks for the help!!:thumbsup:

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