weird output from speedo

So I removed the battery and brought it to the shop to get another. I thought it was bad but it wasnt, a wire was just not connected right. So, After I found the wire and reconnected and put the tank back on....I fired her up. Now the speedo is putting out some wacky display almost like its a tachometer. its spits out numbers between 0 and 189 and fluctuated between these numbers rapidly. :thumbsup: It runs good. What the deal? Does the computer work in a weird way with no battery? All I did was button the thing back up...didnt mess with anything. HELP!!

Did it reset into kilometers as opposed to miles per hour?

I wish it was that easy. The bike isnt moving at all, its on the stand. Despite the whole non moving thing....its still spitting out numbers and quite erratically at that. Also, the odometer clicks incrementally in tenths of a mile in just seconds. I let it run for a minute or so and it put 3.5 miles on it. In that time the speedo went from 0 to 76 to 85 to 187 to 46.....just erratically switching around. Did I put it in some sort of service mode by removing the battery. I am stumped on this one. I did have it apart so maybe I should go over all the wires again.....maybe I pulled something apart.

Come on, With all the infinite wisdom on this one knows the answer to this. I have read posts that are so complicated they sound like french to me. If you are on the edge about answering, please do.


This is what I would do....disconnect the battery-check the voltage. re-connect the voltage and check all connections. start the bike and re-check the voltage.

As you can tell, I think there is a voltage problem.

I's a starting point.

Charge the Battery. it's too dead. :thumbsup: had the same issue once.....once!

This is a 2006+ digital WR450 speedometer?

I would disconnect battery for 1 minute, then connect battery, then try to enter the mode where you can set the wheel diameter. I think that is adjustable. If that doesn't fix it, i would take it off and manually check the ground wires for breaks, or even add another ground wire.

oh, yeah, and a battery that is too low will cause problems. Does it still e-start ok?

I figured it out.....It acts all kind of kooky without the battery in it. I hooked up a battery charger to it and started it. The speedo says at 0. Guess I learned another lesson.

Thanks for all the help.


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